~A Million Frames In One!~

Professional, Affordable, Custom frame kit

At TopnotchFRAME.com our goal is to provide our patent pending, eco-friendly, high quality, reusable, do-it-yourself, custom frame kit, at an affordable price for your home or office and for:

  • The Artist
  • Art Gallery
  • Museum
  • Decorator
  • Independent Custom Picture Frame Shop

The TopnotchFRAME can be used with the wide side up for a 3/4" decorative insert or the narrow side up for a ½" insert! Besides using mats in the insert you can use actual elements from your room decor, such as fabric from a couch, drapes, pillow or bedding! Wood from the floor or cupboards or trim! Marble from a kitchen or bathroom counter top! The insert can also be theme oriented... If you are framing a picture of a musician, use sheet music in the insert. If your are framing a photo of your dog, rubber stamp paw prints on the insert! If you are framing a sports photo insert the team colors or logo n the insert! The possibilities are almost endless! And the GREAT THING IS… When you change art or room decor you can reuse the frame structure and just switch out the insert!… VERY GREEN! … VERY ECO-FRIENDLY! … SAVES MONEY!

TopnotchFrame is a Patent Pending frame from The Framer, Fargo, North Dakota.

The Framer has been in the same location for over 30 years. The Framer has over 4,000 frame styles and 1,000 mat samples. My wife and I do all the work & keep our overhead low so we keep our prices reasonable everyday! We were both Art Majors in college and have great ideas for framing for your next project. The Framer has framed everything from posters, prints, art, needlework, photos & diplomas to computer parts, guitars, violins, sports and war memorabilia … and much more. Call or stop by today… 1412 2nd Ave South, Fargo… One recent customer said our shop looked like something out of the Harry Potter movies! Others have said we have the coolest shop in town… Check us out… M 9-7:30, T-TH 9-6, F 9-5 phone (701) 293-0234 or after hours (701) 280-1413